We believe that the path of wellness is unique to each one of us.  
 Our multi-dimensional identity and the context are unique to us at any given point in our lives.  So are our wellness need.  for knowledge, resources and support to make learned choices for our wellness. The choices we make influence our awareness, learning.  The connections support and hold us to sustina and progress  

Provide, share, learn, practice, heal, support and progress through a wellness community across the globe 

We believe that connections and collaboration with  individuals and organizations

specializing in and contributing to the wellness of individuals, community and the planet

Christina & Ash The founding team    Facilitating your wellness lifestyle

Through a network of advisors, experts and organizational alliances, we are supported in our vision


Bob Boyd, Australia
Eva Migdal, Australia
Hubby Mathew, India

Jim Strohecker, USA


John Brazier, UK
Nadine Selke, Germany

We create many pathways to benefit from this pool of expertise and resources.

specialty retreats

wellness/spa project development

worksite wellness programs

online consultation, wellness coaching

online wellness tools  

speaking assignments  and customized training

wellness products

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Ashburn, VA, USA

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