John Brazier

MSc. Oriental Medicine, TCM

Specialist - Health & Wellbeing | Recovery | Athletic & Functional Enhancement, Founder – KORE & The Corporate Doctor

John developed K.O.R.E. through years of studies and practice as well as from his own experience and intuitive sensitivity as a champion martial artist, an 8th Dan Ninja. His specialty is finding the root cause to illness and injury, wellness & performance enhancement, injury prevention and remedial intervention, honed through his more than two decades of vast experience.
John has a Master degree in Oriental Medicine, and has studied western kinesiology. He is an honorary doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. From this unique understanding, John combines the best aspects of the East and West in his K.O.R.E. system.

John works with athletes and individuals helping them recover from injuries and chronic issues.  His treatments are known for faster recovery and improving performance.  He has worked with Olympic athletes, European golf champions, footballers and more.

John is sought after for:
• Diagnosing faults, imbalances, compromised aspects
• Restoring alignment and balance
• Healthy ageing - rejuvenation, staying biologically younger, active & vibrant
• Sporting, athletic & functional performance improvement & excellence
• Injury prevention, recovery & rehabilitation
• Pain management
• Improved quality of life & management in chronic & irreversible conditions

He has also run successful corporate wellness programs in the UK.
Corporate clients who have used KORE services are British Armed Forces, Lancashire Police, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, Chiva Som Health Resort, Chromalloy, British Aerospace, Iveco trucks, Prevent PLC, Royal Preston & Victoria Hospitals, Fiat, Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America, British Petroleum, Lancashire Ambulance Service and Blackpool & Fylde Borough Councils

KORE also offers many levels of training and certification to wellness and health practitioners, and fitness trainers in KORE technique. To quickly asess and identify root causes, to choose the right treatment protocol, to impart dramatic and instant effect on speed, flexibility and stamina.


Nadine Selke

MS Sports Science & Sports Therapy

Sports Science and Rehabilitation | Functional Fitness 

A qualified practitioner and instructor in many mind-body and fitness disciplines, Nadine specializes in K.O.R.E., Pilates, Feldenkrais, Myofascial therapy, Functional training, Aqua fitness as well as Judo and Ski-gymnastics. 

With a Master’s degree in Sports Science and Sports Therapy from the Sports University of Cologne and Medical Training and Muscle Rehab therapy (MTT), she is a rehabilitation expert in spinal injuries, surgeries, polyneuropathy etc. She specializes in prevention of cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic disorders. She is part of the International Fitness and Aerobics Academy of Europe.

Nadine has developed a unique training, P.A.C.E (Posture Awareness Conducting Energy) that combines various methods for improving body posture, body awareness, pain relief and targeted strengthening.


Aashish Nanda

Holistic Wellbeing Facilitator

Specialist - Yoga as a way of life  - Hatha | Prana | Meditation | Energy Healing  | Spiritual Wellness

Yogi Aashish Nanda, a disciple of Swami Sivananda received his initial training at their Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand, India) ashram. For many years he studied the scriptures and various disciplines intensively under his esteemed gurus.  Today, he is a well-known   practitioner, coach, philosopher and a friend to all those who are ready to make the change !
After a successful career in the Corporate world, Aashish left the comfort and safety of an established career to pursue his real passion.  Personal health issues initially lead him to embark on a journey to explore understanding of his own health and its associated underlying emotional and mental aspects.  What followed was a complete transformation of his life, giving strength to his belief in ‘Healer heal thyself’.  His experience and understanding of the high pressure corporate life and stress issues related to it, his own personal journey and years of work with his gurus have  helped him acquire a deep understanding of Holistic Wellbeing and working within the limitations of everyday life
Over the decades he has worked with numerous individuals and groups in understanding and working on their inner and outer transformation and healing. Through customized programmes, bespoke retreats and workshops based on ancient philosophies and Sadhna, Yogi Aashish teaches the art of self - empowerment, so you may experience a higher level of  wellness of body, mind and soul. Through his healing practices you experience an inner peace and deep relaxation thus helping you move beyond the imbalances created by the daily fires of life.
His workshops & retreats on Reboot themes of:
· Executive burnout
· Mind detox
· Yoga philosophy
· Pranayama
· Mindfulness
· Chakra healing
· Spiritual wellness
Aashish the ‘muser’ shares his musings in his website, an effort to decipher the ‘mystery behind the mystery’ where the mystical meets the understanding of day-to-day living and wellbeing.


Dr Avilochan Singh

BAMS.  Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery | a 5th generation Ayurveda physician
Specialist – Kerala Panchakarma | Integrated Complementary and Alternative Medicine |
Wellness coach | Pre-opening & Operation - wellness & integrated health retreats & clinics

Avilochan believes in enabling one with the knowledge of self-care and healthy living. He is an advocate of wellness through Ayurveda inspired contemporary lifestyle that is sustainable.
A fifth generation Ayurveda physician, he has  20 strong years of expertise in Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma, therapeutic interventions, palliative medical care, holistic rejuvenation, life enhancement and lifestyle coaching.

Avilochan uses traditional Ayurveda diagnostic methods including the amazing pulse diagnosis.  His extensive exposure to and experience in various disciplines of CAM allows him to integrate authentic Ayurveda with other effective treatments where needed, from TCM, Tibetan Medicine, physical therapies and interventions from physical to non -physical dimensions of wellness.  This widens the horizon of holistic health care and feasible options for one relative to the context.  

The repertoire of Avilochan’s expertise include:
• Musculo-skeletal | Joint pain, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Spinal | Spondylosis/Spondylitis, Cervical and Lumbar spondylosis, Ankolysis Spondylitis
• Neurological  | Hemiplegia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis
• Gastric Intestinal and Liver | Acidity, Ulcers, Ulcerative Colitis, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Jaundice
• Skin | Psoriasis, Eczema
• Deep cellular rejuvenation – a reset
• Stress management & overall wellbeing through Wellness coaching  

Avilochan has also the advantage of having donned the administrative role in wellness pre-opening to operations ranging from niche clinics, multi-specialty hospitals to large wellness retreats in a premium hospitality set up.  Thus has vast experience and insight in business development, processes, policies, financial management and logistics, as well as  people engagement, development and  management leading a large diverse team.

Avilochan is part of the core team of Wellness Lifestyle Company and works closely with Christina in all projects.


Dr Sonam Oshoe Dolkar

BTMS. Tibetan Medicine and Surgery

Dr Sonam Oshoe Dolkar is a Tibetan Medicine Physician graduating from His Holiness Dalai Lama's Institute of Medicine and Astrology  (Men-Tsee-Khang) in Dharmasala. A brilliant physician though she is still in her mid 30s and a beautiful human being. She established, opened and managed the entire Tibetan Medicine offering and the center at Vana. She was the clinical and literary researcher as well as a translator of texts at Men Tsee Khang.  She has just completed three years of her additional role as the Vice Chair of the Central council for Tibetan Medicine in India that culminated in the formation of the annual Sowa Rigpa conferences.   She used to be the most sought after one, by her fellow physicians in Vana in dealing with psychological, behavioural and mind related issues and set backs of guests.  She has a body of translation work of the traditional texts behind her,  working closely with HHDL and his office