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Simplistic Nutrition is the way ahead.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Nutrition is not just for the physical body; rather it is for the spirit, mind and heart. When there is a discordinance between any of these levels, manifestation of various disorders take place.

While there is a myriad of concepts regarding nutrition, everything boils down to segregating the healing energy of food into numbers and complex scientific propositions.

On further exploration of the various cultures round the globe we realize that specific food traditions have been quite fundamental in keeping those population healthy and happy.

It is quite fascinating to see how the varied cultures globally simply followed few easy guidelines, passed on from generations to remain in a state of wellbeing. They probably had no access to decoding the goodness of food into scientific labels.

That simplistic approach to health is now being over ruled by a rather confusing trend, putting people into some or the other kind of trap and captioning it as “ being in a blissful state of health” Is it really the case?

Why can’t we simplify health, wellness and the idea of true nutrition by laws created by nature and being followed by generations?

Conserving those sensitive cultural practices with great scientific relevance would only add value to the teeming millions by fostering habits, which would pave way to good health. I see it as being very instrumental in making dietary transition less chaotic, more subtle with a high impact and greater chance of being sustained. It probably is the need of the hour.

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