Wellness is our basic necessity

that fosters us to live a purposeful life.

We aspire to evoke and enable...

to assume responsibility for 

our personal wellness

to nurture our collective wellbeing and connectedness to nature.

As resilient beings,  our bodies hold the innate intelligence and capacity for regeneration and healing, given the right conditions.

We can tap into that potential through self care practices arising from awareness and learned choices.

We can choose to embrace wellness as a way of life to explore our greater potential, liberated from the limiting models of cure and prevention.

Wellness Lifestyle is a facilitating medium.

A holistic support system for your unique health and wellness contexts, as an individual, family, community or as an organisation.

We present various pathways and formats...
to access and benefit from the wellness expertise and resources.


For details and booking, please contact us.

learning & enabling

Workshops on wellness subjects

Diploma and certificate courses on

Wellness subjects,

Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa, yoga 

TCM practices

CAM treatments


wellness warehouse

Sustainable and environmentally conscious wellness resources
Treatment accessories and supplies Custom made treatment furniture 
Organic spices and teas


holistic healthcare

Health & wellness lifestyle coaching

Health consultations based on 

Ayurveda and Sowa rigpa 

CAM treatments

online coaching available

health consultations only in person



Turnkey projects

Pre-opening support

Ongoing  quality management

Quality assessment and reviews

Treatments and processes training



Curated guided tours
Wellness retreats stay

workplace wellness

Wellbeing culture at work

Corporate wellness programs

Offsite wellness retreats for groups

Wellness coaching for leaders

Wellness assessment tools 


community & environment

Natural resources management

Sustainable livelihood
Rural entrepreneurship
Skill development

Vocational training


placements & internships

CAM physicians and practitioners
Wellness operations professionals
Spa therapists

The currency of wellness is connection


Dr John Travis

We are grateful for the cherished connections formed through personal friendships and shared purposes.
The eclectic group of wellness professionals and organisations who walk this path with us...
joie de vivre...
nurturing connections with self, those around us, other beings, the community and nature
Our collective expertise and passion span multiple dimensions and level of wellness. Physical to the subtler and spiritual, of people to that of the planet, personal to the communal, from the family to the work place, and so on. We channel our experiences to enable one, through learning and making changes.
A collective of
Physicians and master practitioners of 
ancient healing traditions, contemporary practices, CAM disciplines, nutrition, functional fitness
Professionals and organisations of wellness education, wellness coaching,  work place and corporate wellness, leadership coaching, quality management, training, learning and development,  strategy, administration, facility management, operations and administration of healthcare in hospitals, wellness retreats and CAM clinics, quality assessment and management, and social, community and environment wellness.
Living in harmony and respect for others,
all beings and nature are intrinsic to our wellbeing.

Authentic living is inclusive.


It recognises and honours our interdependence and connectedness to every other being and the earth. Each one of us can play our part to bridge the divide, to heal and build our collective wellbeing.

Somehow, along the way, we have forgotten the intimacy and wonder of our connection with each other and the earth. We have forgotten how very precious life is. We have forgotten that life is sacred.

Yet none of this has been lost. We have not fallen from the pulsating web of life. Life continues to be as mysterious, as precious, as sacred, as it ever was.


What we must do, is remember...

or failing this, invent.

Meryn G. Callander