We believe wellness is a basic necessity that fosters us to live a purposeful life.


We aspire to evoke and enable individuals to assume responsibility for one’s own wellness.

Wellness is a lifelong journey, not a destination. It is an ongoing process of making choices with awareness, adapting wholesome habits and embracing a way of life that elevates us to our higher potential.  This empowers living fully with meaning and purpose.

Our multi-dimensional constitution and our contexts are so dynamic as much as unique at any time.  So are our need for wellness support system and resources. Be it knowledge, guidance, tools, expertise or health systems.  This is applicable to organizations and communities too.

We are here to identify and meet these needs. Provide, share, learn, practice, heal, support and progress.

“the currency of wellness is connection’

- Dr John Travis


Connections with ourselves, those around us, the community, the environment and the planet.

As an individual, as a community and as an organization, it is essential to nurture these connections for a fulfilling life.

We are grateful for the friendship of some of the finest echelon of wellness professionals and esteemed organizations.  Together our collective expertise spans a wide spectrum from the physical to the spiritual,  wellness of the person to that of the planet. From the Eastern traditions to the Western practices and from the timeless Traditional Medicines to CAM and the contemporary healthcare.  From the design, development, strategy, administration, operations to quality control and learning and development functions.  And much more



Aashsih Nanda | India

Avilochan Singh | India

Christina Watson | India

Eva Midgal | Australia

Harminder Singh | India

John Brazier | UK
Nadine Selke | Germany

Sonam Oshoe Dolkar | India

Terry Liew | Singapore


Bob Boyd, Australia
Hubby Mathew, India

Jim Strohecker, USA

Sneha Rai, UK


K.O.R.E International, UK

Peermade Development Society, India

Well Habit World | Australia




Health Consultations and therapeutic interventions with


Physicians from Traditional and Alternate systems of Health & Medicine 


Master practitioners of Complementary Health systems.



Sowa Rigpa [Tibetan Medicine]

TCM and treatments



Homeopathy | Bach flower


Anma | Shiatsu



  • One on one consultation in person

  • One one one consultation over audeo or video call

  • Day clinic consultations

  • 3- 7 days residential clinics for small groups

  • 1 -3 weeks health focussded retreats for small group


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Immersive wellness retreats 3 days to 3 weeks or longer

Orchestrated by a pair or more of the wellness specialists - offering holistic guidance,  focused support and personalized care

Hosted in carefully chosen places


  • Ayurveda | Panchakarma

  • Body Composition & Weight management

  • Burnout recovery & prevention | Senior leadership or any focus group

  • Deeper relaxation

  • Detoxification

  • Functional enhancement | Ayurveda & KORE

  • Functional fitness

  • Golf performance enhancement through KORE

  • Healthy ageing

  • Improved quality of life in chronic & irreversible conditions

  • Lifestyle & Nutrition for Lifestyle disorders

  • Meditation

  • Mental health

  • Mind detox

  • Mindfulness

  • Pain Management

  • Personal nutrition

  • Pilates

  • Pranayama

  • Recovery & Rehabilitation from injuries

  • Self care

  • Self care for care givers | For doctors, nurses, paramedics, health practitioners and therapists

  • Sports and Athletic performance

  • Stress Management

  • Therapeutic interventions for chronic diseases & disorders

  • Wellness  | multi-dimensional well-being

  • Wellness coaching

  • Yoga

  • and other bespoke and custom themes.


Certain retreats have mandatory duration. Minimum 7 days to 10, 14 or 21 days.


Read a little more on one of the retreat themes, Functional Enhancement with Dr Avilochan  Singh & Dr John Brazier

Projects |  Concept development  to Pre-opening  

Operations | Quality Management & Ongoing Technical support


Integrated Alternate and Complementary Healthcare Cetres or Retrreats

Specialised Alternate healthcare centers

Wellness Retreats

Wellness Day centres/ clinics


Learning , Enabling  & Development


Wellness/Life coaching & mentoring

Wellness Assessment tools

Technical training & certification

Custom made technical training | Wellness, Spa

Speaking assignments

Wellness at work places/Organizations


Enabling and participatory model

Products | Furniture, Equipment, Products


Wellness treatment products

Custom made self -are products

Massage oils

Essential oil


Wellness Lifestyle Resources

Organic Spices

Social and Environmental Well-being  |  Consultancy



An authentic wellness lifestyle while being responsible for one’s own wellness is also mindful of those around us and the planet, in true appreciation of the interconnectedness.


What impacts one impacts the other. While retreating inwards or in far off places have their own significance, these external dimensions of well-being also need our nurturing, while progressing in our wellness.


Each one of us can contribute in ways that we can. Even a tiny step will create significant ripple effect in the global consciousness.


We are happy to facilitate professional guidance through our alliances and organization,  the echelons of social and environmental well-being.


1. Natural resource management

Organic farming


Bio-dynamic agriculture

Internal control system


Export documentation


Sustainable Agriculture

Quality planting material production

Nursery techniques and management

Plantation management

Bio control agents

Studies in plot design and problem identification

Pest and disease management

Lab testing and analysis

Agripreunership (studies and recommendations)


2. Climate Change | Mitigation and Adaptation techniques


3. Medicinal Plants Cultivation


4. Micro finance and Micro enterprise development

Legal formalities

Establishing systems and procedures

Loan tracking systems


Business opportunity identification

Skill identification

Knowledge driven enterprises

Rural entrepreneurship and company formation


5. Tribal community ethical development

Ethnographic studies for need identification

Project planning

Impact Studies