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Wellness inventory is a dynamic interactive program that uses systems approach to reinstate harmony in our lives. Its innovative, whole-person, self-management approach helps to optimise wellbeing and personal potential. It has been designed to help gain personal insight into one's state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. With its diverse resources and proven methodology, enriched over decades since its inception in the early seventies, Wellness Inventory has gained an unequivocal reputation.

It’s simplicity demystifies and deconstructs the seemingly  complex and daunting prospect of making sustainable changes in our lives.It covers every aspect that we need to improve self-care, reduce stress, manage  energy, improve work-life integration, and live mindfully and authentically

By making changes in one or two dimensions, one can see changes in other dimensions as well. 

Multi-dimensional wellness

Multi dimensional wellness | 12 dimensions model 

aids deeper and nuanced self-evaluation and exploration

It offers a set of online dynamic interactive tools.

Personal Assessment

Personalized Action Plan

Virtual Coach

Progress Tracke

Personal Journal

Self-Study Center

Twelve dimensions form the basis of the Wellness Inventory, the original wellness assessment, developed by wellness pioneer John W. Travis, MD, MPH.

This dynamic whole person model, formally referred to as the Wellness Energy System, is comprised of the 12 fundamental life processes that interact with one another to shape our life experience and our state of personal wellbeing

Take stock of your current wellness levels in 12  dimensions through a self-evaluation assessment.

Identity one or two dimensions that you are most keen to make changes and or your own priorities.

According to this interest, set a course with specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and progressive goals with reasonable timelines.

Create action steps to achieve goals.  Small steps, consistently repeated help create new habits. 

Access self-care practices and tools to support personal wellbeing.  the online resources and tools to transform new awareness into sustainable lifestyle change for more health and wellbeing.


Use the virtual coach. Or you can choose to embark on the journey with a wellness coach.

Then go about mindfully observe, participate and enjoy the process of reaching each of the milestones.  

One can assess where one has come by taking the assessments on the way as necessary. Make any course correction if needed. Re-assess to track shifts and progress. 


Complete a whole person assessment.

Access wellbeing and motivation profiles as well as priorities.

Create small SMART steps for continual improvement based on your motivations.

Set reminders for accountability and track your progress.

Record insights and experiences in My Wellness Journal.

Access self-care practices and tools to support personal wellbeing.

Build self-care, resilience, work-life integration,  reduce stress, manage energy, and live more mindfully. 

Create more balance in your personal and professional life.

Maximize your capacity for optimal living and performance.

[Your personal subscription provides unlimited online access for twelve months]

Benefits of
wellness inventory

Deepen your sense of personal responsibility for your health.

Discover the areas of life you are most motivated to change.


Learn how to use small steps to create sustainable change.


Connect to a deeper sense of meaning in your personal life.


Maximise your innate potentials as a whole person.


Create more balance in your personal and professional life.


Discover a higher level of personal health and wellbeing.

Dr John W Travis
Wellness Inventory program's results-driven approach is based on the innovative work of wellness visionary, John Travis, MD, MPH. 
Currently utilized in university curricula and embraced by health professionals, Dr. Travis’ pioneering work made him a founding father of what is known today as the wellness movement.
Jim Strohecker
Wellness visionary and e-health pioneer Jim Stroheckers WellPeople has adapted Dr. Travis' work with updated information and created the Wellness Inventory online software platform.
This interactive experience is the only program that has exclusive rights to Dr. Travis’ foundational wellness work. []
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How to get the most out of Wellness Inventory 

Get a subscription to Wellness Inventory 

for an unlimited access to the program for twelve months

Partner with a wellness inventory facilitator or a coach

Sign up to work with one of our Wellness Inventory facilitator who will guide you through the process as your personal coach. 

Book a session 

3 phase journey to enhancing personal wellbeing 


Working with an experienced coach can make a huge difference by being that needed non-judgmental companion who helps you find your inner reserves and choices and nudges and cheers you towards your milestones, through various ways. 

It evokes both cerebral and visceral experiential not just cerebral but also very visceral. 


Cerebral and visceral at tandem.  One gets pleasantly surprised when making progress even in a single dimension, positively affects other dimension

One can assess where one has come by taking the assessments on the way as necessary. Make any course correction if needed.

Enjoy the process. Live and appreciate the new awareness. 

And a renewed sense of health and wellness. 

Dynamic Interactive tools


assess deeper levels of your wellbeing and motivations in all 12 dimensions.

Action plan

create small, targeted action steps, set reminders, and track progess for continual improvement

Virtual coach

get support in clarifying priorities, creating small, realistic (smart) action steps, identifying obstacles

Virtual coach

Progress tracker

measure your whole-person wellbeing as you continually improve

Wellnes journal

describe and monitor your experiences, goals, issues, progress and ideas

Self study centre

explore wellbeing practices to inspire more awareness and actions

Resource centre

access self-care practices, expert articles, audios and videos

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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