Bob Boyd | Australia




Bob brings almost 40 years experience to all areas of Personal and Corporate Wellness. His journey in the Wellness field commenced in 1976, as Director of the Heart Beat Centre, the inaugural Wellness Centre in Queensland. As a HBC Exercise Physiologist he prescribed and supervised individual lifestyle programs and developed award-winning company Health Management Programs.

Bob has expanded his capabilities over the years to Research and Lecture (QUT, CQU and RMIT) in the paradigm, delivered conference presentations, workshops, training programs and consulted to businesses, associations, government departments, and community groups both Internationally and Nationally.

A Ministerial appointment to the Queensland State Steering Committee on Health Promotion in the Workplace coincided with his involvement in early QUT Workplace Health Promotion projects. Workplace Health/Wellness Promotion research and teaching led him to be a prime mover in the development and implementation of the QUT Staff Wellness Program and subsequently Director of the QUT Wellness Matters Program.
Bob utilises his experience as an accredited Workplace Wellness Director, Wellness Culture Coach and Wellness Coach Trainer and Lecturer in Corporate Wellness (RMIT Masters of Wellness Program) to provide an education, consulting and mentoring service to Workplace Wellness Personnel through his businesses Wellness Communication Solutions and Wellness Constructs

His passion for the Wellness area has earned him the honours of being the inaugural International member on the USA National Wellness Institute Board of Directors, and election as the founding President of the National Wellness Institute of Australia.  A former State water polo representative and marathoner.



Eva Migdal | Australia

​Eva is a social entrepreneur who is founder of Wellschool, a social enterprise focused on creating unique wellness and coaching approaches to bring wellness into education, community and healthcare systems.  Wellschool is currently developing tools, training and strategies with a range of clients including life insurers, higher education (Swinburne University), YWCA programs, schools and not for profits. She runs ‘Wellschool’ with a support of a professional team of international volunteers who live in her home in exchange for volunteer work. They are developing this cost-effective model for running a social enterprise into a replicable model called the Ethical Nomad Network.

Eva’s background is eclectic and reflects her creative and integrated approach. She is a qualified physiotherapist, health and media teacher, environmental scientist, health and wellness coach, film maker and radio host/producer.


Her professional career includes lecturer and course coordinator at RMIT University’s School of Health Sciences on the Master of Wellness program (2010-18). Telephone health coach on Diabetes Victoria ‘Life’ Program (2010-17). She has been a fellow with the Centre for Sustainability Leadership (2008), School of Social Entrepreneurs (2011) and The Difference Incubator ‘Two Feet’ social business program (2016).


Hubby Mathew | India

MS (Social Work), LLB, PhD


Executive Director, Peermade Development Society, India


With four decades of social work behind him, Mathew spearheads one of the largest Non Government, not for profit organization in India. A postgraduate in social work from the Tata Institute of Social Science with a PhD in women empowerment and natural resources management and a degree in Law, he heads the activities of Peermade Development Society [PDS] as its executive director.

Under his visionary leadership, PDS has become a pioneer in the field of social work, has developed several emulative and replicable community lead models in livelihood, enterprise development, skill development, organic farming, rural technology promotion and Ayurveda, recognized at national and international level. He has formed alliances of PDS with UNESCO, EEC, and FAO. His areas of expertise and experience include NGO management, fund raising, mobilizing resources, donor management, project management, stakeholder management, networking, monitoring and evaluation etc. He represents PDS in various committees of the Indian Government.


Jim Strohecker | USA

A wellness visionary and an e-health pioneer, Strohecker has focused on bringing fundamental wellness principles from the world's great healing and wellbeing traditions into mainstream cultural awareness for over 30 years.  His passion is exploring the essence of wellness and stimulating the emergence of a global "Culture of Wellbeing".

CEO and co-founder of HealthWorld Online, the world's first major online network for alternative health and wellness, he is also a co-creator of the Wellness Inventory, a whole person wellbeing program and the Wellness Inventory Coach Certification Training. He also co-founded, the first business-to-business Internet network for the natural products industry.

As founding Vice-President of Future Medicine Publishing, he served as Executive Editor of the influential work, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. He is co-author of five books, including Natural Healing for Depression: Solutions from the World's Great Health Traditions and Practitioners (Perigee). He is the creator and publisher of Healthy Update, a weekly e-newsletter focused on wellness and integrative health now in its’ 22nd year.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in cultural anthropology, his interests have taken him from National Geographic-funded archeological expeditions to Mayan ruins in the jungles of Yucatan, to three years of intensive study of yoga and meditation in India.  

Jim has served on numerous boards, including the President's Advisory Council for Bastyr University, the Board of Trustees of the American University of Complementary Medicine and the Institute of Natural Medicine, as well as the advisory boards of Nourish America, the National Workforce Health Economics Summit, and the Wellness Council of South Africa.

He is also the recipient of the Circle of Leadership Award from the National Wellness Institute for outstanding contributions to the field of wellness.