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Bob Boyd

Bob Boyd



Specialist | Workplace wellness

Wellness coach | Educator

President | National Wellness Institute, Australia

Co founder | Wellness Communication solutions and Wellness constructs


​Bob has more than 40 years experience in personal and workplace wellness. He is a HBC exercise physiologist, a former state water polo representative and marathoner.

His journey in the wellness field began as the Director of the Heart Beat Centre in Queensland. He prescribed and supervised individual lifestyle programs and developed award-winning Organizational Health Management Programs.


Bob extended to research and lecture (QUT, CQU and RMIT) in the wellness paradigm, delivered presentations, workshops, trainings and consulted to businesses, associations, government and communities.

A ministerial appointment to the Queensland state steering committee on health promotion in the workplace coincided with his involvement in early QUT workplace health promotion projects. Workplace health and wellness promotion research and teaching led him to be a prime mover in the development and implementation of the QUT's staff wellness program and subsequently as the Director of its Wellness Matters program.

He is the inaugural international representative on the USA National Wellness Institute’s  board of directors, and was elected as the Founding President of the National Wellness Institute of Australia.

Bob utilises his experience as an accredited Workplace Wellness Director, Wellness Culture Coach and Wellness Coach Trainer and Lecturer in Corporate Wellness (RMIT Master of Wellness Program) to provide an education, consulting and mentoring service to Workplace Wellness Personnel.

Hubby Mathew

Rev Hubby Mathew


John Brazier Dynamic

​Community, Social and Environmental wellbeing | Social work | Women empowerment | Ethical tribal & rural development | Sustainability
Director, School of Social Work, Marian College, Kuttikanam
MA (Social Work), LLB, Phd

Rev Mathew, committed to social work and wellbeing, has been providing care and support to socially excluded and vulnerable communities for more than 40 years. His extensive and far reaching work has transformed lives of individuals, families, groups and communities in various contexts.

With a Masters degree in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, a PhD in Women empowerment and Natural resources management and a degree in Law, Rev Mathew's areas of expertise include NGO management, fund raising, mobilising resources, donors and stakeholders relationship, project management, networking, monitoring and evaluation.

He led the activities of Peermade Development Society [PDS] as its Executive Director. Under his visionary leadership, PDS had become a role model in social work, has developed several scalable community lead models in livelihood, enterprise development, skill development, organic cultivation, rural technology promotion and Ayurveda.  He formed alliances of PDS with UNESCO, EEC and FAO. He has represented PDS in various committees of the Indian Government.

He works with funding agencies like FAO, UNDP, UNESCO, NABARD, Federal Ministry for Economic Development Cooperation (BMZ, Germany), The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GLS Foundation, Missio Austria, Botanical Garden Conservation International (BGCI) London.

He has implemented several CSR projects related to livelihood, income generation, housing, sanitation and watershed programmes supported by various organizations such as Tata Foundation (India) Frontier Foods & Flavorings (USA), Pernod Ricard (France), Positive Planet (France), Naturland,  GLS Foundation and Topqualitea (Germany).

Jim Strohecker

Jim Strohecker



Wellness visionary | e-health pioneer | Writer | Author | Educator | Publisher

Co-creator | Wellness Inventory

Co-founder | NPICenter

CEO & Co-founder | Healthworld Online

Jim, a wellness visionary and an e-health pioneer, with a passion for exploring the essence of wellness and stimulating the emergence of a global 'Culture of Wellbeing’,  has focused for over 35 years on bringing  wellness principles from the world's great healing and wellbeing traditions into mainstream awareness.

He is the recipient of the Circle of Leadership Award from the National Wellness Institute for outstanding contributions to the field of wellness.

Jim was co-creator of, the world's first major online source for alternative health and wellness, online for over 25 years. His Wellness Inventory, a whole person wellbeing program and the Wellness Inventory Certification Training (wellness coach training) are invaluable resources for personal and organisational wellness. The NPICenter was the first B2B Internet network of natural products.

As founding Vice-President of Future medicine publishing, he served as Executive Editor of the influential work, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. He co-authored five books, including Natural Healing for Depression: Solutions from the World's Great Health Traditions and Practitioners (Perigee). Healthy Update, an e-newsletter now in its 23rd year is published by Jim.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in cultural anthropology, his interests have taken him from National Geographic-funded archeological expeditions to Mayan ruins in the jungles of Yucatan, to three years of intensive study of yoga and meditation in India.  

Jim has served on numerous boards  including the the Board of Trustees of the American University of Complementary Medicine and the Institute of Natural Medicine, President's Advisory Council for Bastyr University well as the advisory boards of Nourish America, the National Workforce Health Economics Summit, and the Wellness Council of South Africa.

Rajesh Sharma



Chef | Culinary artist |

Specialist - Progressive Indian & modern European cuisine | SLOW, Haute & wholesome wellness approach | Raw, Macrobiotic, Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegan, Ayurveda and Monastic styles 

Chef Rajesh holds an indomitable place in haute, and health promoting cuisine, with more than two decades of diverse and immersive experience in the realm of culinary art. He is well versed in both progressive Indian as well as modern European fare.


Rajesh is known for his innovative and unique approach in the kitchen. He dishes out simple yet sophisticated variations pleasing even the most discerning of the palates. SLOW (Sustainable. Local. Organic. Wholesome) approach drives his culinary principle. From Raw, Macrobiotic, Paleo, Keto, Vegan to Ayurvedic and even Monastic cooking,


Rajesh is as versatile as he is authentic. He has worked shoulder to shoulder with health and wellness professionals in creating refreshing wholesome menus with the power to heal, to restore, to strengthen and to delight. Well informed in multiple systems of healing and wellness principles, Rajesh is engaging not only at the table but also when he teaches cooking and in the kitchen with his team.  

Chef Rajesh’s career record in hospitality is speckled with some of best names in premium luxury and transformative wellness . Oberoi hotels, Aman resorts, Leeu Estates in South Africa, Vana in Dehradun and Kamalaya wellness sanctuary in Koh Samui. 


He cherishes the time he has had observing and working with some of the masters of the culinary art. Chef Manish Malhotra (modern Indian), Chef Phillippe Laloux (classical French), Master Onishi Takanori (Japanese fermented food), Bread master Andrew Whitley (sourdough), Dr Asghar (Ayurveda), Korean master Jeong Kwan (monastic food) and foraging with Robin Harford.

Rajesh has 3 full and 15 half Marathons to his credit. With his regular morning workouts, love for cycling, hiking, swimming and badminton whenever possible, here is a chef who champions healthy choices.

Rajesh Sharma
Reuben S D

Reuben S D


Reuben S.D..JPG

Catalyst for inner wellbeing and community wellbeing. Mentor for entrepreneurs. Advertising, public relations, communications professional and entrepreneur. Leadership in change management, strategic guidance for growth and innovation.

MSW,  Cert.IMM

Reuben is an avid advertising, public relations and pan-global trading entrepreneur and professional. A collaborative and inclusive leader, a dreamer, he has been driven by his two crypto-dynamic values, Passion - People and Inner wellbeing, and Belief - "Everything is possible under the Sun!!"

Reuben has quite a rich experience, of having managed for 30 years as the Chairman and Managing Director of Communication Workshop Pvt. Ltd. an accredited Advertising Agency, AD Prints Pvt.Ltd., a large print trading organisation and Business Network Inc., a pan-international trading organisation.

In response to a burning desire within the heart and mind, consciously decided to sell the business, at the pinnacle of success, and began to be fully involved in serving in the non-profit domain. He has served particularly with organisations that worked for differently abled people, children in high-risk situations, the less fortunate and with parachurch organisations in areas of leadership, change management, and strategic thinking, for growth and innovation. Reuben continued this journey over 15 years to honour his inner calling.

Reuben was inducted to the Hall of Fame by the Public Relations Council of India, in 2007. He was part of the Working Committee that worked on the Indian Disability Act 1996, passed by the Indian Parliament. He had the honour of being invited by the US Senate to attend the National Prayer Breakfast hosted by the then President of the USA, George W Bush, in 2008.

Reuben has served on the boards of several reputed schools and educational institutions in Bangalore. He has provided leadership to professional bodies such as Bangalore Management Association, Advertising Club of Bangalore and Public Relations Council of India.


He serves on the boards of a few nonprofit organisations of theological education. He mentors entrepreneurs and leaders.


Shri Kant Swami

Dr Shri Kant Swami



MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

MPhil Hospital & Health Systems 


Healthcare facility management

Assessor on National Accreditation Board of Hospitals,Quality Council of India

Director - Medical Operations, Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai &  Jaipur

Dr Shri Kant, a doctor in conventional western medicine has a specialisation in hospital and health systems management from BITS, Pilani. He has more than 25 years of diverse and rich experience from pre-opening and setting up hospitals, administrations and operations of large multi location super-speciality hospitals to delivering efficient and effective healthcare, with empathy and compassion for patients and colleagues.

Besides being there to check in daily with the patients, he connects with them as a person, reassuring as well as inspiring them to count and be grateful for the blessings in their lives, as it contribute to recovery, healing and above all, a sense of calm.

Emulating his father who is a doctor in western medicine and yet, well versed and rooted in the health wisdom traditions and culture of India, Shri Kant upholds a holistic perspective to health and wellbeing. He encourages one to take responsibility for self and family to cultivate healthy habits drawing from the wealth of knowledge and practices of authentic traditional health systems available to us. Spiritual wellbeing with a sense of purpose he believes makes one resilient in the inevitable challenging circumstances.


Shri Kant advocates the need for an an integrated healthcare and the necessary paradigm shift wherein modern medicine and its interventions are sought where they are truly needed such as emergencies, surgeries, invasive and diagnostic procedures.

Shri Kant is an active contributor as Accessor on board the Hospital Accreditation for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals, under the aegis of the Quality council of India. He lends his acumen to this role as well with equal commitment to raise the bar of healthcare standards through the country and continue to maintain the prescribed standards.

Sneha Rai



MS.  Food Science, Nutrition, Dietetics 

Nutrition coach Author and writer

Specialist - Holistic and Functional Nutrition | Nutrition perspectives of Ayurveda, CAM and their application



Sneha has synthesised  an approach to nutrition that is more intuitive and practical, drawing from her exposure to various healing traditions combined with her academic background of scientific validation. She is an advocate for embracing the living wisdom of traditional and regional cuisine and not for generalised global perspective or trends of nutrition.

Sneha has more than 12 years of diverse experience in Holistic Nutrition, a Master’s degree in Food science from the University of Queensland and a post graduation in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has also studied Ayurveda nutrition and Ayurveda inspired cooking. Besides a published research paper she has also authored a  book on Nutrition.

With a clientele from across the globe, she appreciates the interplay of biochemical individuality, environment and local traditions in achieving and sustaining wellbeing. Her experience extends from integrated wellness retreats to fitness centers, corporates to football federation.

Sneha has the knack for simplifying complex concepts and information that makes her Nutrition coaching enjoyable. She helps one to understand the principles of personal nutrition to make learned choices. She shifts the power to the individual who is no longer shackled by restricting diet charts or dependent on perpetual hand holding.

Sneha’s nutritional expertise include Detoxification, Endocrine health, Lifestyle disorders management, Weight management, Healthy body composition, Therapeutic and corrective nutrition and prescribing food as medicine.

Sneha Rai
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