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Aashish Nanda



Holistic Wellbeing Facilitator

Specialist - Yoga as a way of life

Hatha yoga | Prana | Meditation 

Wellbeing of the mind and spirit

Aashish, the yogi, teaches the art of self empowerment to experience higher level of wellness of the body, mind and soul. He is a well-known practitioner, coach, philosopher and a friend to all those who are ready to make the change. He guides one in healing practices for inner peace and deep relaxation to move beyond the imbalances created by the daily grinds of life.
Aashish left the comfort and safety of an established and successful corporate career to pursue his calling. Personal health issues that initially led him to embark on an exploration to understand his own health with its underlying emotional and mental associations, had transformed his life, fortifying his belief in the saying, ‘healer heal thyself’.

For many years Aashish studied the scriptures and various philosophical disciplines with his esteemed gurus and practised intensively. He received his initial training from his guru Swami Sivanandas ashram in Uttarkashi. This along with his experience and understanding of the highly stressful corporate career has helped him acquire a deeper understanding of holistic wellbeing and the need and model for working within the limitations of everyday life.
Over the decades Aashish has guided several individuals and groups in understanding and working on inner and outer transformation, and healing, through customised bespoke retreats based on ancient philosophies and practices. 

Aashish is known for his retreats on the reboot themes of:

Executive burnout
Mind detox | Mindfulness
Yoga philosophy | Pranayama
Wellbeing of the mind and spirit

Aashish Nanda
Avilochan Singh

Dr Avilochan Singh



Director, Holistic Health

Wellness Lifestyle 

BAMS Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery

5th generation Ayurveda physician

Specialist – Kerala Panchakarma | Integrated Holistic health | Health and Lifestyle coach |Pre-opening and Operations health/wellness retreats 

Dr Avilochan Singh advocates wellness through Ayurveda inspired contemporary and sustainable lifestyle, guides and empowers through the knowledge of one’s unique bio-constitution and self-care for healthy living.

This 5th generation physician hails from a renowned Ayurveda lineage of great physicians who were also accomplished scholars and authors and contributed to the health and wellbeing of the communities -  Bhai Jaimal Singh Vaid, Bhai Mohan Singh Vaid, Bhai Triloki Singh ji Vaid and Sardar Sukhbir Singh ji Vaid. He has more than 20 years of expertise in Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma and is most sought after for his effective therapeutic interventions.

His expertise spans pre-opening, administration and operations of niche health clinics, multi- specialty hospitals and wellness retreats in premium hospitality set up. He has worked with Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Apollo, Sahara Amby Valley, Taj and Kama Ayurveda. His last position at Vana had progressed from being the Head of Ayurveda to Head of Holistic Health and eventually to Wellness Director. Besides his core expertise in alternative healthcare functions his experience covers business development, financial management and L&D.

Avilochan uses traditional Ayurveda diagnostic methods including the pulse diagnosis. When needed, he integrates authentic Ayurveda with other effective CAM treatments from TCM, Tibetan Medicine, physical therapies and interventions from physical to non-physical dimensions of wellness. The repertoire of Avilochan’s expertise include:

Musculo-skeletal | Joint pain, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Spinal | Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis, Ankolysis Spondylitis
Neurological | Hemiplegia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis
Gastric Intestinal and  Liver | Ulcers, Colitis, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis
Skin | Psoriasis, Eczema
Deep cellular rejuvenation through Panchakarma – a reset

Christina Watson

Christina Watson

India | USA

IMG_3467 2.JPG


Wellness Lifestyle 

Create and set up wellness systems. 

Concepts and projects development  

Enabling, Learning and Training

Products design and development

Equine connect 

Christina and her brother are the founders of Wellness Lifestyle

Christina’s interests, talents and experience overarch multi-facets of wellness. She loves creating various concepts, forms and expressions of wellness, native to the context, always authentic, meaningful and effective.

One of Christina’s expertise is in synergistically combining elegant hospitality, meticulous standards of service yet heartfelt, comfort and therapeutic care in developing unique places and systems of rest, retreat, healing and wellbeing. She particularly enjoys the challenges of project development and pre-openings. Known as a nurturing leader she has a penchant for building cohesive team, inspiring them to be their best and, enabling through learning, development and skill training. Most of her ex-colleagues fondly consider her a meticulous trainer and mentor. She integrates multi-dimensional people wellness and that of the community and planet in her projects through resources that are socially and culturally inclusive, responsible, environmentally conscious and sustainable. She regularly volunteers for causes close to her heart, particularly, skill development.​

Christina has international work experience and multicultural competency. She has facilitated wellness in many roles and in a range of models - a variety of spas, resorts and a wellness retreat along her career spanning well over two decades that included Oberoi, Mandarin Oriental and Vana amongst others. She cherishes her exacting role at Vana, having been part of it for seven years from its nascence. From wellness concept development and pre-opening through its evolution,as its Wellness Director, leading an eclectic team in all wellness functions of administration, holistic health operations and L&D, and later, as Senior Director Wellbeing as well as Executive Director of Vanaveda, an outreach of Vana’s wellness.


Prof Cristiano Tiozzo

USA | Italy | Russia 

Cristiano Tiozzo.JPG

Specialist - Advanced Integrative Healing and Musical Arts

Academician | Pianist | Composer | Music Director | Multidimensional healing and Constellation therapy

MS hons. Music, Manhattan School of Music, New York |MS hons. Engineering,

Prof Cristiano Tiozzo, an expert in advanced Integrative healing and musical arts a unique healing work through music meditation, developed it over decades of training, research and experiments that keeps evolving and growing.

Acclaimed Immunologist Prof. Dr. Gorodinsky, and many scientific and medical studies measured its effects on brain waves and body systems. EEGs show intensification and acceleration of self healing and regenerative processes with unusual deeper states of consciousness and self awareness. This therapeutic innovation and his international musical career, led to Cristiano being awarded ‘Academician member’ of Leibniz European academy of natural sciences and ‘Professor in musical arts' by Moscow’s International university of business technologies, Institute of Medical science, public health, economics & education.

He has 20+ years of meditation practice,10+ years of Multidimensional healing constellation therapy training and honed his skill for years in Classical, Jazz, AfroCuban, Gospel, Blues, Brazilian and Indian classical music, studying with leading exponents and teachers at Manhattan school of music, his alma mater. He has been a classical interpreter, improviser and musical director at Cathedr of St.John the Divine and Carnegie Hall, NY, Tchaikovsky Museum, Moscow, E.Brito Theatre, Santo Domingo and Komitas Hall, Yerevan, among others. His dynamic work adapts to the needs of the moment, individual or group, and the faith, culture and personality of each. It is known in but not limited to

Acute, chronic, serious and rare diseases, those not clearly diagnosed or considered incurable |  Allergies | Illness in children

Mental illnesses | Deep seated traumas (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)

Addictions | Chronic self sabotage | Creative blocks | Lack of self confidence

Repetitive patterns of failure and conflicts in work and relationships

Unconscious ongoing entanglements with past relationships and events

Inner conflicts between one’s upbringing, heredity and one’s innate vocation

Inner transformation

Cristiano Tiozzo

Erik Emanuel Fenz

USA | Italy


Specialist - Rolfing (Advanced)

Biodynamic Craniosacral work | Energy work | Jingui Chi Gong | Yoga | Zen| Advaita Vedanta

Erik’s path of healing practice began over two decades ago, discovering the healing power of transformative bodywork and desire to live a more meaningful life by helping others learn the art and yoga of living in their bodies.

An advanced Rolfer, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and master energy healer, Erik trained at the Heartwood Institute, Esalen Institute, Rolf Institute and Franklyn Sills Biodynamic Craniosacral training in Colorado. A former monk and a practitioner of Zen Meditation, Advaita Vedanta, Yoga and Jingui Chi Gong. A professional skydiver, commercial helicopter pilot and instructor, he BASE jumped from early days of the sport and takes to wing suit flying. Jumping out of airplanes for 30+ years has given a unique perspective on heightened state of calm awareness and phenomenon of fear. Erik took to healing arts from his

Austrian grandmother in South Tyrol  Italy, who made healing remedies from  'magic’ plants and flowers and read him stories including Siddhartha, sparking an interest in spirituality that eventually lead him to Thailand, Bali and India. 


Many have benefited from Erik’s healing work, including world class athletes, yoga practitioners and professional dancers and those people who appreciate long-lasting, transformative bodywork. Erik's structural Integration work has long-term benefits and lasts many years. It covers but not limited to

Underlying cause of psycho-physical tension and pain | chronic pain

Holistic function of the body | Improved posture and gait

Self-confidence and body awareness. Increased vitality, mental clarity 

Systematically reshape, reorganise and integrate structure, balancing gravity
Empowering self responsibility for one’s physical and emotional wellbeing

Rediscover inherent inner beauty and body wisdom.

Erik Emanuel Fenz

Eva Migdal



Social entrepreneur | Author

Specialist | Social and Environmental wellbeing | Wellness coach | Educator

Wellness in Schools and Workplaces

Founder of Wellhabit World and Wellschool

Eva is a social entrepreneur devoted to furthering wellness in schools, community, healthcare and workplaces. Founder of Well Habit World and Wellschool, she has created unique coaching approaches to bring wellness into education, community and healthcare systems.

Eva’s eclectic expertise reflects her creative and integrated approach. She is a physiotherapist, health and media teacher, health and wellness coach, environmental scientist, film maker and radio host/producer.

Eva’s career includes Lecturer and course coordinator at RMIT University’s School of Health Sciences on the Master of Wellness program and Telephone health coach on Diabetes on Victoria ‘Life’ Program.  She has been a fellow with the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, School of Social Entrepreneurs and The Difference Incubator ‘Two Feet’ social business program.

Eva has developed tools, training and strategies for a range of clients including life insurers, higher education (Swinburne University), YWCA programs, schools and not for profits. She runs ‘Wellschool’ with a support of a professional team of international volunteers who live in her home in exchange for volunteering work. They are developing this cost-effective model for running a social enterprise into a replicable model called the Ethical Nomad Network.​

Some of Eva’s expertise:
Wellness in education, work places, communities and healthcare system
Health and wellness coaching
Training in Wellness coaching

Eva Migdal

Harminder Singh



CAM practitioner | Shiatsu | Yoga | Remedial massage therapy


Wellness Retreat/Spa - Pre-openings, Operations | Wellness IT systems & MIS| Finance management | Training

Harminder’s exuberance for life reflects in his multiple skills in the wellness and spa domain. He is a seasoned wellness and spa operations professional and a CAM practitioner with multicultural competency, and has worked in Australia, Canada, India, South Africa and the Middle East.

An expert in pre-openings, operations and scale-ups, Harminder is adept at wellness/spa IT systems, booking protocols, data management, guest relationship and co-ordination among multiple functions, teams and guests. As a qualified CAM practitioner, he lends his skills in treatment training, menu development and facility set up and management. With his financial acumen, he takes care of the Financial management, P&L, cost and inventory management.

His career includes roles at ESPA in Leela, Vana, Theranaka and Esse in South Africa and many more. He has been part of the pre-opening team at Vana and managed a large wellness concierge and guest experience team and functions before taking on the operations and facility management. In Leeu Collection Franschhoek, South Africa, he was responsible for the scale up and the entire operations.

Harminder, a graduate in commerce, holds a Masters diploma in Spa Management for Spa Directors / Managers from the Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences and Spa Management, Toronto, Canada.​ He is also a certified and registered massage therapist from New South Wales College of massage therapy, Sydney, Australia.

He specialises in Shiatsu and his repertoire includes  Sports, Deep Tissue and Swedish massage and Reflexology. He is a certified Yoga Instructor from S VYASA University, India.

Harminder Singh
John Brazier

Dr John Brazier

UK | Germany


MSc. Oriental Medicine, TCM

Creator KORE and NMS systems of diagnosis, recovery and rejuvenation

Specialist - Holistic Health| Recovery | Athletic and Functional Enhancement | 

Workplace holistic health programs |

Principal KORE academy, UK, Europe

Dr John Brazier is an expert in swiftly identifying  the root cause of illness and injury and correcting them. He is known for recovery, fast acting remedial intervention, injury prevention and functional performance enhancement, honed through his vast experience of over three decades.

John developed K.O.R.E. after years of study, practice and from his own experience and intuitive sensitivity as a champion martial artist, 8th Dan Ninja. An honorary doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Master degree in Oriental Medicine, he has also studied western kinesiology. Drawing from these he developed the powerful K.O.R.E. method.

John has run successful corporate wellness programs in the UK for the British Armed Forces, Lancashire Police, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, Chromalloy, British Aerospace, Prevent PLC, Royal Preston and Victoria Hospitals, Fiat, Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America, British Petroleum, Lancashire Ambulance Service and Blackpool and others.

John is renowned in the sporting community as he helps players recover from injuries and chronic issues.  He has worked with Olympic athletes, European golf champions, footballers and more. His award winning KORE academy centers train doctors physios and therapists. Known as an  expert in physical biohacking and neurological change he is sought after for:

Diagnosing faults, imbalances, compromised aspects
Restoring alignment and balance | Rejuvenation
Healthy ageing | staying biologically younger, active and vibrant
Sporting, athletic and functional performance improvement
Injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation | Pain management
Improved quality of life and management in irreversible conditions

Nadine, WLC website.jpg

Specialist | Recovery and Rehabilitation CAM practitioner

Medical Training and Muscle Rehab Therapy  P.A.C.E. method of training |

Meridian Stretch | Pilates |Functional Fitness | Sports therapy

Nadine is a Rehabiliation expert and a qualified practitioner and instructor in various mind-body and fitness disciplines.

She has developed a unique method of training, P.A.C.E (Posture Awareness Conducting Energy) that combines various methods for improving body posture, body awareness, pain relief and targeted strengthening.

Nadine has a Master’s degree in Sports Science and Sports Therapy from the Sports University of Cologne and is qualified in Medical Training and Muscle Rehab therapy (MTT).  She is a rehabilitation expert in spinal injuries, surgeries and polyneuropathy. She is a memeber of the International Fitness and Aerobics Academy of Europe.

Nadine is qualified and proficient in K.O.R.E., Pilates, Feldenkrais, Myofascial therapy, Functional training, Aqua fitness as well as Judo and Ski-gymnastics. She specialises in prevention of cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic disorders.

Nadine conducts workshops for groups as well as one one sessions of consultations and therapeutic work on the following themes:

Functional Fitness

Aqua Fitness and therapy
KORE Meridian Stretch and Mobilisation
Recovery and Rehabilitation from surgeries, spinal injuries and misalignment

Nadine Selke

Germany | UK

Nadine Selke

Dr Sonam Oshoe Dolkar



BTMS Tibetan Medicine & Surgery

Sowa Rigpa Physician (Traditional 

Tibetan Medicine)

Health and lifestyle coach 

Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator | Sowa Rigpa treatments trainer

Gom [meditation]

Dr Sonam Oshoe Dolkar is a deeply intuitive and talented Tibetan Medicine Physician. She graduated from His Holiness Dalai Lama's Institute of Medicine and Astrology  (Men-Tsee-Khang) where she is currently a visiting faculty. She holds a degree in Botany, trained in acupuncture and is pursuing a degree in nutrition.

She has been the clinical and literary researcher as well as a translator of ancient Tibetan medical texts at Men Tsee Khang. She has a body of translation work of the traditional texts behind her, having had the opportunity to work closely with many revered Tibetan scholars.

She has held an additional role for three years as the Vice Chair of the Central council for Tibetan Medicine and has greatly contributed to the annual Sowa Rigpa conferences in India.

She was instrumental in opening and operating the Tibetan Healing centre at Vana, the Retreat in Dehradun with its authentic Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Riga) offering. She was involved in recruitment and training of therapists and process development. Sonam was an integral part of the team of senior specialists and played a key role since pre-opening.

She uses traditional Sowa Rigpa diagnosis techniques including the pulse diagnosis. She is most sought after in dealing with:

Psychological, behavioural and mind related issues and set backs
Tibetan medicine  based health and lifestyle consultation
Wellness coaching
Gom (meditation)

Sonam Oshoe Dolkar

Terry Liew



Specialist – Anma 

Master practitioner of CAM 

Founder of Shiatsu School, Singapore

Spa pre-opening | Brand building | Spa signatures and menu |Training 

Terry’s passion and mission have been to spread the healing benefits of Anma. He is the founder of the Shiatsu School in Singapore.

Terry had suffered for long from a back injury. It was Shiatsu that finally healed his back after trying many modalities. Leaving his thriving career as a financial analyst, he began to learn and practise Anma, the ancient form of Shiatsu, from more than ten traditional masters, including Shogo Mochizuki San. From 1996, he's been teaching and practising Anma and has developed his own technique.

Terry is a master practitioner of CAM in aromatherapy, Thai massage, stretch, Ayurveda, manual lymphatic drainage, myo-fascial release, trigger point, neuro-muscular, advanced myo-skeletal works, Japanese facials and body work with gems. A spa expert, in pre-opening, training and creating signature treatments.

Terry launched products for Helena Rubinstein, Chanel, Nuskin and Biotherm, hair spas for Kerastase, was involved in brand loyalty building for Lancome, Origins, La Mer and Issey Miyaki and created signature treatments for Virgin Vie Cosmetics and Jurlique’s USA spas.Four Seasons, Elements Spa, Altira Spa, The Spa at Crown, Liao Spa, Shinta Mani, The Bale, Orient Retreat, Layana Spa, Blue Canyon Golf Resort, Cheraim Spa Village, Pranali Spa, Sareerarom Spa, Baan Saen Doi, Palm Spa Resort are some of the brands and places that had benefited from his pre-opening and training support.

Terry’s work is most effective in:
back and knee pain | heel spurs | hormonal imbalance
stress management | overall wellbeing

Terry Liew

Dr Urvashi Naithani Dogra



BAMS Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery

Ayurveda Physician

PG Diploma in Yoga

Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator L&D for Ayurveda and CAM physicians 

Pre-opening |SOP and content writer 

Dr Urvashi Naithani Dogra, a talented Ayurveda physician has been an empathetic health and wellness lifestyle coach to many who have had remarkable success in applying and sustaining the upbuilding habits they had learnt and the positive changes they had made.

Coming from a family of specialists in modern medicine, she began to discern the need for holistic healthcare approach including healthy diet, lifestyle habits and accessing the power of nature. Thus began her journey on the Holistic health and wellness realm.Graduating from the Government Ayurveda college and hospital in Haridwar, she pursued a PG diploma in Yoga philosophy from Dev Sankriti Vishwavidyalaya. These qualifications and experience in these streams of life and healing traditions, have enabled her to offer sustainable lifestyle guidance, augmented by her own innate sensitivity, her training in Pranic healing and practice as a certified Wellness inventory facilitator. She is also certified in Train the Trainer program.  

Urvashi was an Ayurveda consultant in a premium wellness center in Vietnam, spreading appreciation for Ayurveda in the local community. During her tenure at Vana, she honed her skills and became a Senior Wellness consultant and Senior Ayurveda Specialist. She also took care of the recruitment and training of doctors, practitioners and therapists as the Training Head. Urvashi has collaborated with Veen waters as Senior Ayurveda consultant in developing a range of Ayurveda inspired health beverages. Urvashi specialises in

Ayurveda health consultation
Health and Wellness lifestyle coaching
Emotional, behavioural concerns
Body image and eating disorders

Urvashi Naithani Dogra

Master teacher of Body Sustainability

Founder of YamunaUSA

Creator of Yamuna systems of bodywork

Developer of AnatomyU
Author | Educator

Yamuna’s focus has been on ‘body sustainability’. It is Yamuna’s original thinking and knowledge base that people seek when standard medicine fails them. She has dedicated the last 40 years to creating simple, easy to use education and wellness products to help empower people in taking care of their own bodies. With her knowledge of the body’s structure she provides logical, common sense advice that anyone can utilize and get better with. She takes a no-nonsense logical and anatomically correct approach in helping people help themselves.

Her work has appeared in many publications worldwide,including U.S. Fitness, fashion and professional bodywork magazines. Yamuna has written two books, Body Rolling: An experiential approach to complete muscle release and The Ultimate Body Rolling Workout: The revolutionary way to tone, lengthen and realign your body. Foot Fix, her third book due in 2021 is on the importance of our feet in health and longevity and offers simple approach to foot care. AnatomyU, an experiential anatomy app, is an essential for every professional working with body and movement.


She continues to direct the company’s research and product development for wellness education, as well as lecture, teach, write and create new education. She has trained over 2000 practitioners in her various protocols. Her work is found in 38 countries. She has a large network of practitioners specialising in Yamuna methodologies worldwide. She is the creator of this innovative work.

Her work includes: Yamuna Body Logic, a hands on therapeutic method | Yamuna Table Treatment, a hands on therapeutic system using the Yamuna balls | Yamuna Body Rolling, a powerful self help method using Yamuna balls |

Yamuna Foot Fitness | Yamuna Save Your Body Parts Series |

Yamuna Power of the Breath | Yamuna Yoga

Yamuna Zake


Yamuna Zake
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