K.O.R.E is a distinct system for functional and performance enhancement, accelerated recovery, healing and sporting excellence. It looks for and treats the reason ‘WHY’, instead of the ‘WHAT’, unlike most conventional methods. It is swift in its action and results.


You can expect tangible results in a single session - measurable improvement in muscular power, alignment and range of movement. It is known for its effectiveness when other interventions could not make much progress or difference.


K.O.R.E. focuses on the nervous system to activate and support the essential physiological functions.  It elicits a neurologic response that works synergistically with the body’s immune system and its innate restorative power.

John Brazier at International fitness & Aerobics Academy

K.O.R.E is known for its effectiveness in

Diagnosing faults, imbalances, compromised aspects
Restoring alignment and balance
Health, wellness and wellbeing enhancement 
Healthy ageing – rejuvenation, staying biologically younger, active and vibrant

Functional performance improvement

Athletic and  sporting excellence

Injury prevention
Recovery, rehabilitation and holistic healing 
Pain management
Improved quality of life and management in chronic and irreversible conditions

GOLF Performane

Golf Performance

Tightness, restrictions, pain and inflammation can ruin your game

Balance + power + focus = increased performance

You can expect KORE to do that for you.

Golfers tend to overlook the essential structural integrity of the body and its potential to enhance one's game.

KORE has had a great impact on all of the PGA golf professionals John has looked at. They have increased their distance by a minimum 10% right after their initial assessment and treatment.  

Increase your balance, co-ordination, stability, power and your swing speed. 

GOLF Performance

K.O.R.E. users

British Army

British Police

Olympic athletes

European Golf tours

Professional Football teams & more

The soul of K.O.R.E  

Short videos on the core principles of KORE 







ileo-caecal valve


back pain

knee pain


Pelvis . Part 1

Pelvis . Part 2

Spine . Part 1

Spine . Part 2





Balance  Ileo-caecal valve


Hormones . Part 1

Hormones . Part 2

Back pain

Knee pain


Recovery Breakthrough


a book by Dr John Brazier 

This innovative book introduces you to the fascinating world of muscle testing and the experiences of Dr. John Brazier working with all types of injuries, imbalances, slow recovery and poor sporting performances.

Muscle testing works with the body’s innate ability to react to its own internal imbalances (ligament, bone, muscle, organs etc.) and from external stimuli including how different foods, or functional positions (work, relaxing & sport) create problems that affect the system as a whole, bringing up different symptoms and issues in each person.

Often these muscle tests give us a window to the root problem, or the reason ‘WHY’ we are suffering, and at the same time help the body’s natural immune system recognise and focus its innate and powerful healing on the right issue.

John’s goal is to show how easy testing (and thus recovery!) can be implemented by mums, coaches, doctors, therapists, personal trainers, in fact everyone who wants to help someone recover or improve.

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