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K.O.R.E is a distinct system for functional and performance enhancement, accelerated recovery, healing and sporting excellence. It looks for and treats the reason ‘Why’, instead of the ‘What’, unlike most conventional methods. It is swift in its action and results.


K.O.R.E. was developed by Dr John Brazier TCM, MSc Oriental Medicine, after years of medical studies and practice. From Eastern and Western perspectives - Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, NLP and his own experience as a champion martial artist. 

You can expect tangible results in a single session, measurable improvement in muscular power, alignment and range of movement. It is known for its effectiveness when other interventions could not make much progress or difference.


K.O.R.E. focuses on the nervous system to activate and support the essential physiological functions.  It elicits a neurologic response that works synergistically with the body’s immune system and its innate restorative power.