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Curated & hosted by Wellness Lifestyle 



Nestled in the Aravalli hills a little away from Udaipur, this 18th century palace holds a heritage status. Perched atop a hill in the Aravalli Range, RAAS Devigarh overlooks the village of Delwara.

Responsibly restored and environmentally conscious, it offers all the comforts for the contemporary traveller, while being a testament to the spell of old-world Rajputana. 

RAAS  Devigarh

Rajasthan, India

Retreats at RAAS Devigarh 

Hosted on demand, these retreats are thoughtfully curated as an essential periodical tuning of our systems to function optimally. 

Quintessential Indian hospitality at RAAS provides nurturing care and a safe space to just let go and be. Verdant nature with views uninterrupted over the Aravalli till the horizon - the greatest physician herself shall work in tandem with Wellness Lifestyle's holistic health physicians and complementary and alternative health practitioners to correct imbalances, reverse or prevent diseases and set a course on self enabled progress. 

With personalised guidance from our wellness specialists, learn health promoting habits, personal nutrition, let go of stress as well as strengthen physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Retreat focus



Retreat Focus* | minimum duration in weeks


Panchakarma, Healthy longevity, Rejuvenation | 4 

Therapeutic focus - Structural & functional disorders, lifestyle diseases, chronic health concerns | 3   

Stress management, Rest & Restoration, Functional fitness, Detoxification | 2 

Personal Nutrition and Cooking | 1

Yoga, Meditation | 1

Wellness assessment & enhancement | 1

Retreat inclusions


All retreat meals

Retreat wear & laundry

All retreat group sessions & activities

Airport transfers

Private health consultation

Private treatments or sessions every day

*These objectives are only indicative and not limited. 

Booking  confirmation for Panchakarma or Therapeutic focus retreats requires a health consultation with a physician at Wellness Lifestyle. 

A minimum of 8 participants required for each retreat


Wellness Retreats Reservations Specialist & Advisor 

at RAAS Devigarh

91 99 290 88 849


Wellness Lifestyle

91 98 280 66 557


RAAS Devigarh


Near Eklingji Temple 

Delwara, UDAIPUR 

313202 RAJ . INDIA


Retreats at RAAS Devigarh



Let go - Rebalance & Learn - Reset 

Learn tools for self care, immunity and resilience. 

Reconnect socially in a safe environment.

Find joy in simple things. 

Dr Avilochan Singh

5th generation Ayurveda specialist

leads the retreats, with a team of seasoned practitioners.

Dr Apurva Tamhane MD Homoeopathy

Bach Flower, Reiki

Harminder Singh

 Shiatsu, Yoga

Niranjan Das

Yoga, Meditation


August 2020

Aug 21 – 24

Friday - Monday

2 days  - 3 nights

Aug 25 – 31

Tuesday - Monday

5 days - 6 nights

September 2020

Sep 18 – 21

Friday - Monday

2 days -3 nights

Sep 22 – 28

Tuesday - Monday

5 days - 6 nights

 Oct 16 - 26 | Nov 20 - 30 | Dec 18 - 28  2020


Single Occupancy


From Rs 1,13,000 + taxes 

2 days -3 nights

From Rs 2,43,000 + taxes

5 days - 6 nights

Double Occupancy

From Rs 1,52,000 + taxes 

2 days - 3 nights

From Rs 3,38,000 + taxes

5 days - 6 nights

Applicable through 2020



All meals

Retreat wear & laundry

All retreat group sessions & activities

Airport transfers


Weekend retreats 

1 private health consultation

1 treatment or private session per day

5 days - 6 nights retreats 

1 private health consultation

2 treatments or private sessions per day 

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