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We encourage you as an individual, family, group of like minded people or organisation to consider developing and participating in meaningful and effecient community and enviormental wellbeing programs. We offer professional wellbeing partnership to CSR programs. We will be happy to enable you with the professional guidance and resources. Environment 

Alternate and complementary healthcare consultations and and treatments are offered by CAM physicians and master practitioners at select urban venues and clinics.

We do not retreat from reality

We rediscover it.

C S Lewis

Retreat themes 

Tribal communities’ empowerment

and ethical development

Ethnographic studies for need identification

Impact studies

Project plan


Build Immunity and resilience 

Burnout recovery and prevention 

Deeper relaxation 

Personal wellbeing for leaders | executive coaching

Healthy and vibrant ageing

Stress management

Self care and wellbeing for care givers 

Personal nutrition and self-care 


Therapeutic interventions for chronic diseases/disorders

Pain management and improved quality of life in chronic and irreversible conditions 

Recovery and rehabilitation from injuries | KORE & Ayurveda 

Nutrition and self care for lifestyle disorders

Functional enhancement and structural alignment | Ayurveda & KORE

Golf performance enhancement | KORE

Sports and athletic performance enhancement | KORE

Meditation and pranayama [breathing]

Wellness for the mind | mental wellbeing

Healthy mind and body | Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan Health and Medicine)

Emotional healing and resilience 

Self discovery through silence 

Body composition and weight management

Functional fitness



Flexibility and mobility


An initial call can be set up to understand your intended project.


Some of the areas could be..

Skill development and vocational training


Minimum duration 

3 days. Certain themes have mandatory minimum of 7 days to 10, 14 or 21 days.  

Group size

Most of the retreat themes are suitable for groups not exceeding 12 -15  participants,

so that the wellness specialists can offer personalised guidance to each participant.  

But, they can be customised for larger groups as well.

Venues and locations

Some beautiful and unique locations are available for us to host these retreats. However, we can also conduct it at your preferred venue, should it have the required and

supportive resources and we find it conducive.


Any focus group such as  leadership team, managers, teams, families, doctors, care givers.

Sample Retreats

Functional Enhancement and Structural Alignment 

with Dr Avilochan Singh and Dr John Brazier

Retreat for Golfers | golf performance and wellness enhancement  

with Dr John Brazier and Nadine Selke

Tribal communities empowerment

and ethical development

Ethnographic studies for need identification and impact studies

Project plan


Micro financing and

Micro enterprise development

Business opportunity identification

Skill identification

Knowledge driven enterprises

Rural entrepreneurship 

Legal compliance | Documentation

Establishing systems & processes

Loan tracking systems

Natural resources management

Medicinal plants’ cultivation and management

Watershed management

Bio-dynamic farming 

Internal control system



Export documentation

Climate Change Mitigation

and Adaptation techniques

Bio-diversity  promotion and

Sustainable farming

Planting material production

Nursery techniques

Plantation management

Bio control agents

Plot design study and problem identification

Pest and disease management

Lab testing and analysis

Agripreunership - studies and recommendations


Functional Enhancement 

and Structural Alignment



Dr Avilochan Singh [Ayurveda]

Dr John Brazier [TCM]

Experience the synergy of

Ayurveda and KORE

Retreat Sample 1

Ayurveda is known for its powerful cellular rejuvenation and K.O.R.E. is effective in structural realignment, and both systems in functional enhancement, in their own remarkable ways.


The adagio of Ayurveda and KORE, orchestrated just for you by the masters of the systems, Dr John and Dr Avilochan will reset your state of wellbeing.

Dr John Brazier with his remarkable insight and intuitiveness gained through decades of practice accesses the core structures that create support for your organs and provides power and balance to the organs, muscles and nerves.


To be completely well or to recover you must have correct structural stability and movement.

Dr. Avilochan is a fifth generation Ayurveda physician delves into the subtler aspects.  The ultimate movement of life inside the structure at the cellular level to reinstate the innate equilibrium of their elemental bio energies (doshas).


Theirs is an unparalleled synergy. In total recovery and wellbeing.

Be it recovery, deeper healing or enhancing health and wellbeing, only when you consider the body in its totality,  its structure, the functions within that structure, the flow of energy through them and their interplay, then one can expect significant and sustainable transformation.  >>  READ more 

Required participants 12

Duration 3 nights 4 days  |  6 nights 7 days 

Contact us 

Dr John Brazier 

Retreat themes

Structural Alignment 





Athletic | Sports Performance



Golfers’ Retreat

Wellness and performance enhancement  

Restore, re-align and heal with John Brazier
Stretch, mobilise and sustain with Nadine Selke

Play golf 
Rest and unwind 

tête-à-tête with friends
Restore your body and spirit

Your retreat may have more focus on any one of these:

Wellness enhancement

Recovery and Pain management

Golf performance


2 full days

Limited to 8 participants

K.O.R.E. unleashes your physical restrictions.

It looks for and treats the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’
Imagine what a lighter and more agile body could do for you.

Identify compromises
Re-align, restore and promote healing
Minimize and manage pain
Enhance functional, sporting or golf performance
Learn self-care and maintenance techniques
Set a course of progressive improvement

John Brazier, the creator of K.O.R.E. system himself provides 

his unique assessments and treatments.

Golfers, play free from restraints and pain

Achieve your golfing goals – more power & speed –

right after your first session.

Enjoy daily game with friends



2 full day schedule with time for relaxation

2 x 60 minutes assessment-treatment with John | sessions are progressive in nature

4 group classes pre and post-game with Nadine | stretch, mobilize and sustain

2 rounds of golf OR 2 of the Park’s activities

2 light lunches

2 dinners hosted by  John and Nadine

The schedule starts at 7 am on both the days and spread out through the day

Trish Johnson

Golf Champion 25 times

USA and Europe

“I was quitting golf as both my elbows were beyond repair and extremely painful and  I was told nothing can be done by the doctors. 

Severe elbow pain which 10 cortisone injections didn’t fix, it took KORE just two treatments to get me playing again!

Thank God I found KORE!

Absolutely amazing treatment which saved my career! 
The best sports diagnosis and treatment I have ever come across. 
After just 2 sessions I was back playing & practicing. 
And it wasn’t long before I was winning again.”


Nadine Selke

Retreat themes...




Flexibility Mobility 


Meridian stretch


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