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KORE Therapy in progress

June 23-24  | June 26-27  2018

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort
Stone Mountain GA 30083 USA

Restore, re-align and heal with John Brazier
Stretch, mobilize and sustain with Nadine Selke
Explore the Stone Mountain Park or play golf
Rest and tête-à-tête with friends
Restore your body and spirit

Only limited participants

8 in each retreat

Wellness Retreat

Anchor Event

The Retreat

The Retreat

Your retreat focus can be
Wellness enhancement
Recovery and Pain management
Golf performance

Restore and heal 
Play golf
Explore Stone Mountain Park
Rest and unwind

Anchor Wellness Experts

Wellness Experts

John Brazier

Specialist - Health & Wellbeing | Recovery | Athletic & Functional Enhancement

John developed K.O.R.E. through years of studies and practice as well as from his own experience and intuitive sensitivity as a champion martial artist,

an 8th Dan Ninja.

His specialty is finding the root cause to illness and injury, wellness & performance enhancement, injury prevention and remedial intervention, honed through his more than two decades of vast experience.


John has a Master degree in Oriental Medicine, and has studied western kinesiology. He is an honorary doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. From this unique understanding, John combines the best aspects of the East and West in his K.O.R.E. system

John works with athletes and individuals helping them recover from injuries and chronic issues.  His treatments are known for faster recovery and improving performance.  He has worked with Olympic athletes, European golf champions, footballers and more.

John Brazier Dynamic

Nadine Selke

Nadine Selke Stretch

Expert - Sports Science and Rehabilitation

A qualified practitioner and instructor in many mind-body and fitness disciplines, Nadine specializes in K.O.R.E., Pilates, Feldenkrais, Myofascial therapy, Functional training, Aqua fitness as well as Judo and Ski-gymnastics. 


With a Master’s degree in Sports Science and Sports Therapy from the Sports University of Cologne and Medical Training and Muscle Rehab therapy (MTT), she is a rehabilitation expert in spinal injuries, surgeries, polyneuropathy etc. She is part of the International Fitness and Aerobics Academy of Europe.


Her sessions will complement John’s treatments.


Nadine’s daily group classes focus on learning self-care techniques. To retain and progress in the benefits that K.O.R.E initiates in your body.


You will learn to stretch, de-stress and mobilize to sustain and progress.

K.O.R.E. unleashes your physical restrictions
It looks for and treats the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’
Imagine what a lighter and more agile body could do for you

Identify compromises
Re-align, restore and promote healing
Minimize and manage pain
Enhance functional, sporting or golf performance
Learn self-care and maintenance techniques
Set a course of progressive improvement

John Brazier, the creator of K.O.R.E. system himself will be providing his unique assessments and treatments.
An opportunity that we urge you not to miss

Golfers, play free from restraints and pain

Achieve your golfing goals – more power & speed – right after your first session.

Enjoy daily game with friends

KORE Backpain releaf

Trish Johnson

“I was quitting golf as both my elbows were beyond repair and extremely painful and was told nothing can be done by the doctors. 
Severe elbow pain which 10 cortisone injections didn’t fix, it took KORE just two treatments to get me playing again!

 Thank God I found KORE!

Absolutely amazing treatment which saved my career! 
The best sports diagnosis and treatment I have ever come across. 
After just 2 sessions I was back playing & practicing. 
And it wasn’t long before I was winning again.”

25 times USA & European golf champion

Trish Johnson Swing
Anchor KORE
KORE Loo Big

K.O.R.E is a distinct system for functional and performance enhancement, accelerated recovery, healing and sporting excellence.


It looks for and treats the reason ‘WHY’, instead of the ‘WHAT’, unlike most conventional methods. It is swift in its action and results.


You can expect tangible results in a single session - measurable improvement in muscular power, alignment and range of movement. Known for its effectiveness when other interventions could not make much progress or difference.


K.O.R.E. focuses on the nervous system to activate and support the essential physiological functions. It elicits a neurologic response that works synergistically with the body’s immune system and its innate restorative power.



Watch Now

John Brazier at International fitness & Aerobics Academy

K.O.R.E is known for its effectiveness in

Diagnosing faults, imbalances, compromised aspects
Restoring alignment and balance
Health, Wellness & Wellbeing enhancement 
Healthy ageing – rejuvenation, staying biologically younger, active & vibrant

Functional performance improvement

Athletic & & sporting excellence

Injury prevention
Recovery, rehabilitation & Holistic healing 
Pain management
Improved quality of life & management in chronic & irreversible conditions

Golf Performance

Tightness, restrictions, pain and inflammation can ruin your game

Balance + power + focus = increased performance

You can expect KORE to do that for you.

Golfers tend to overlook the essential structural integrity of the body and its potential to enhance your game.

KORE has had a great impact on all of the PGA golf professionals John has looked at. They have increased their distance by a minimum 10% right after their first assessment and treatment.  

Increase your balance, co-ordination, stability, power and your swing speed. 



Thank you. We will get in touch with you soon.

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British Army, British Police, Olympic athletes, European Golf tours, Professional Football teams & more


To facilitate wellness 

Be a facilitating medium for the health and wellness pursuit of individuals in living well.

To share, learn, practice and support through a community of wellness experts and pursuers with a global reach. The network will include a range of specialists from physical wellness, nutrition, fitness, alternative systems of medicines such as Ayurveda of India, Traditional Chinese Medicine,  aqua therapies, mind-body disciplines, life coaches, wellness coaches, inspirational speakers, and more.

Anchor Vision

Ashburn, VA, USA

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