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White Earth

WellnessLifestyle is your ally,

coach and ecosystem of support

to embrace wellness as a way of life. 

 As resilient beings, our bodies and minds hold the innate intelligence and capacity for a higher level of function, regeneration and healing, given the right environment and support.
We can tap into that potential to be the best versions of ourselves through self care practices arising from awareness and learned choices.

We offer you


multiple pathways and formats
to access and benefit from the holistic health expertise and resources.


Please contact us, for details or booking


Health consultations, therapeutic interventions for chronic/lifestyle  diseases and disorders, recovery and rehabilitation with holistic health specialists
. . . 


Correct structural, physiological and
functional imbalances. Cleanse. Listen to cues get to the root cause with health specialists. Reinstate homeostasis.
. . . 


Improve health markers and wellbeing through learned choices and lifestyle changes. Access timeless healing systems and wisdom to modern diagnostics as needed. 
. . . 


Achieve higher levels of wellness & personal potential. Live an active, flourishing & liberating life we all deserve to live. Embrace a wellness inspired lifestyle
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We bring our unique perspectives and expertise to the fast-changing landscape of healthcare.

We bridge the ancient and the modern into a continuum to your benefit.

holistic health
clinics. retreats. bookings

In person - clinic, retreats

Health consultations based on -

Ayurveda and Sowa rigpa 
Traditional health and CAM treatments
Health & wellness lifestyle coaching
Health and wellbeing themes
Hosted by wellness specialists Thoughtfully chosen locations
3 days to 3 weeks or longer

Wellbeing holidays and staysRemote working staysCurated guided tours


UVC Disinfection tower lamps 
Treatment accessories and supplies 

Custom designed treatment furtniture
Organic spices and teas
Sustainable and environmentally
conscious resources



Turnkey projects
Pre-opening support
Ongoing  quality management
Quality assessment and reviews
Treatments and processes training


workplace wellness

Wellness initiatives for organisations
Creating wellbeing culture at work
Offsite wellness retreats
Wellness assessment tools 


Learning, Skill development, training, courses, research support 
Workshops and webinar on wellnessDiploma and certificate courses -Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa, Yoga, TCM, CAM, Spa and Wellness concepts & their application residential and online formats[...]
Traditional medicine physiciansCAM physicians and practitionersWellness Retreat operations professionalsTherapists
Community & Environment
Natural resources managementSustainable livelihoodRural entrepreneurshipSkill development | Vocational training 
volunteering opportunities

The currency of wellness
is connection

Dr John W Travis

Our expertise & passion
span multi dimensions and levels of health and wellness. Physical to the subtler and spiritual, of people to that of the planet, personal to communal and home to work place. We respect every systems of health, from the most modern to the ancient, for its contribution. 
We draw from our wide spectrum of expertise and experience to enable you, rather than fix. Understanding, self responsibility and thus making learned choices and changes are necessary for sustainable progress. 
Most importantly, we provide options for your health and wellness needs, unique to you. Because we believe in identifying and accessing what works best for you.  So we are willing to walk that extra mile with you for your good than attempting to generalise. 
We are a collective of
physicians & practitioners of
Holistic health traditions
Complementary and alternative medicine
Contemporary health practices
Functional fitness
professionals & organisations of 
Holistic and integrated health promotion
Turnkey consultancy, resources, products
Project development/pre-opening of holistic health and wellness retreats
Retreat program quality assessment & managment
Education, Training, learning and development
Operations and administration (retreats, wellness centres, hospitals, wellness in hospitality)
Wellness coaching 
Work place wellness
Community and environmental wellness and more...

Authentic living is inclusive

It recognises and honours our interdependence and connectedness to every other being and the earth. Each one of us can play our part to bridge the divide, to heal and build our collective wellbeing. [...]

Living in harmony and respect
for others,

all beings and nature are intrinsic to our wellbeing.

Somehow, along the way, we have forgotten the intimacy and wonder of our connection with each other and the earth. We have forgotten how very precious life is. We have forgotten that life is sacred.

Yet none of this has been lost. We have not fallen from the pulsating web of life. Life continues to be as mysterious, as precious, as sacred, as it ever was. 

What we must do, is remember... or failing this, invent.

Meryn G. Callander 

Wellness is a dynamic process of discovery and development of our personal, intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal dimensions.

It is the empowering way of

being responsible for our wellbeing.

It is vitality and joy that makes us feel alive

to the gift of life.

Our specialists will be glad to discuss your requirement and what we can do for you in detail. Please contact us.


Our sevices
​The Team and the Tribe
We are grateful for the cherished connections forged through personal friendships and shared purposes. An eclectic group of wellness promoting professionals and organisations walk this path with us.
joie de vivre
. . .
nurturing connections
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Contact us


We cater to the business in the following ways:

partnering with you in supporting you in these areas:
wellness in hospitality,
consultancy, QC, training, products, turnkey to specific areas. Augmenting existing areas of wellness offerings.

Trhough our strategic alliances and panel of experts, we offer a comprehensive methodology  to take care your wellbeing. From latest diagnostic such as genomic testing, biome studies  .. to timeless AYUSH traditions and CAM. to give a more holistic and grounded view. To make leaned choices about your health and welldbine.

Optimise your digital strategy.  PR and Marketing from seasoned agencies in this domain.

We bridge the gap between hospitals and hotels. in improving quality of life pre and post care. 

. . . 


. . .If you already a doctor 

digital presence
equip with effective ways of consult, wellness coaching, trainings, quick diagnosis,reach and auditng services, improve quality


Retreats and clinics. Educating them, giving options for alternate ways of treatment, dealing with chronic conditions, matching them with professionals across the world. then online consultation, reisterar retreats held in unique places, and have a wellness coach guide you.  wellness way of living. through coaching education, products - which are effective and pure for daily and specific use. 
. . . 


wellness estates, hotels, 
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