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Jaipur  Polo Club

Off the well trodden path

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Specialists in-residence


Curated on wellness and health themes, our fully residential retreats are hosted in thoughtfully chosen locations, orchestrated by a pair or more of wellness specialists.

Duration | 3 days to 3 weeks or longer

Specialists in-residence

Holistic health consultations, treatments or any specialty wellbeing session offered by traditional medicine and CAM physicians, and specialist practitioners at wellness retreats or wellness focused resorts or hotels.

We do not retreat from reality

We rediscover it.

C S Lewis


Jaipur Polo Club

JAIPUR. Rajasthan. India

Holistic health clinics

Equine healing connect

Wellness workshops, salons & socials

Functional fitness & Sporting - athletic performance Enhancement clinics

Health clinics 

Health clinics 

Holistic health consultations and treatments are offered by traditional medicine and CAM physicians, and master practitioners at select urban venues and clinics (non-residential).

Holistic health consultations, treatments or any specialty wellbeing session offered by traditional medicine and CAM physicians, and specialist practitioners at wellness retreats or wellness focused resorts or hotels.

Jaipur Polo Club preserves and promotes the royal tradition of Polo in the city that is synonymous with Polo, Jaipur.



Planned and announced in advance, these retreats and clinics are hosted by Wellness Lifestyle in select locations or jointly with our hospitality or urban healthcare partners at their locations.

Retreat calendar 2021

to be published soon

On demand

Retreats curated around your preferred dates as well as at the location of your choice, should we find it it conducive with necessary resources. Can be for a small focus group, families, friends, leadership wellbeing offsite. 

Retreat themes


We curate retreats around what is most suitable for the intended group of participants. While a retreat has one of the aforementioned as the focus, there is always a measure of overlap and inclusion with the others too. The longer the retreats, the more personalised they become, customised for the individuals specific wellness needs.

Our physical, mental, spiritual, social and environmental dimensions and their intricate interplay expresses itself in our state of wellbeing. Our specialists approach wellbeing from this holistic paradigm, which is what every traditional systems of health stands for. 


Hosted by a pair of specialists, their complementary, integrated or augmented expertise makes the retreat offerings more robust as well as holistic. 


Health consultations, therapeutic care and treatments 

. . . 

Therapeutic interventions for chronic diseases & lifestyle disorders.

Pain management.

Management and improving quality of life in irreversible conditions.

Through Holistic health systems, medicine & their treatment protocols, integrated as required for optimising benefits.

. . .


Correct structural, physiological and 

functional imbalances

. . . 

Corrective and rehabilitation interventions. Structural and functional correction and integration.

Recovery and Rehabilitation support.


Reinstating homeostasis


. . .


Learn wellness skills to take care of personal health and wellness

. . . 

Become aware, learn, try and adapt wholesome wellness habits for sustainable changes.

Enhance functional fitness. Adapt food as nutrition and medicine

Learn to listen to the body's cues and take corrective steps.

Assume responsibility and proactively take care of personal wellness. 

. . .


Progress towards higher levels of wellness and personal potential

. . .

Enhancement and harmony within and amongst multiple  dimensions of wellness. 

Personal path of learning and practice to function in a better way, to be our authentic selves and connect with others with compassion.  

Finding purpose and meaning. Personal evolution.

Wellness as a way of life to explore higher potential and pursue ones lifes purpose fully.

. . .

Write to us to discuss

suitable options for your specific wellness requirement.

Be it organisations wanting to plan retreats for their teams, hotels hosting retreats for guests, or individuals wanting to retreat, we offer customised options for everyone. 

When in groups, we suggest not exceeding 12 -15 participants, so that the wellness specialists can offer personalised guidance to each. ​But, they can be structured for larger groups as well.

Retreat Locations


Some charming, 'off the beaten path' locations and private estates are available to us for hosting health clinics, retreats, specialists in residence, wellness connects,  socials, workshops and more. 





Some of the locations in India are  


UDAIPUR. Rajasthan. India

Retreats. 3 days - Immersive 3+ weeks

Specialists in residence